My Violin

Meet one of my friends, a great violin

(I call her the '1850')


Why “1850”? because, according to both violin experts that I spoke to..

This instrument was built in the 1850's.

The wood of this violin has some wear, but still looks good after all the years.

I bought this violin for $85 in Omaha Nebraska.

According to the assessments that I had done professionally, it is really

Worth anywhere from $600-$900. What a GREAT deal I got!

The instrument was built in Germany, according to the interior printing.

It is a copy of one of the violins from Jacobus Stainer, from 1711.

Apparently, this was a violin that many tried to copy in the 19th century.

I love this violin. The “D” string gives a nice resonant tone.

I have no plan to sell it, but if I did, there no way I'd let it go for less than

$900. Actually, I'd really want $1000

I can't really ask for more, because though it sounds GREAT, it does have some damage...

There's a crack along the bass bar, and though it has been well repaired, that necessarily reduces the value.

On this picture, you will notice that there's a small crack, just below the “E” string. The crack is just above the sound post. I am so bummed about this crack. It happened when I was tuning.

But it still sounds great! I will look into getting the new crack repaired.

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